On the historic date of January 23, 2024, a momentous chapter was written in the annals of Canadian Anglicanism as Black Anglicans of Canada convened for their First Annual General Meeting (AGM). The significance of this gathering extends far beyond its calendar date; it symbolizes a bold step towards unity, empowerment, and a future where the voices of Black Anglicans resonate throughout the Church. Let us delve into the profound reflections on this groundbreaking event.

Our goal - to reach the victims of people who today are under the oppression of evil people, who for various reasons were in the power of darkness.

The First AGM of Black Anglicans of Canada was a vibrant tapestry woven with the threads of diverse stories, experiences, and shared faith. Attendees, whether present physically or virtually, brought a richness to the gathering that echoed the cultural and spiritual diversity of Black Anglicans across the nation. The very air crackled with excitement, marking the beginning of a collective journey toward greater representation within the Anglican Church.

The AGM was not merely a meeting; it was a sacred space where bonds were strengthened, and a sense of community blossomed. Whether participants were engaging in heartfelt conversations, joining virtual prayer circles, or reflecting on the challenges faced by Black Anglicans, the event fostered an environment of solidarity and understanding. In unity, there was strength, and in shared experiences, a foundation for collective growth was laid.

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Amidst the jubilation, the AGM was also a platform for acknowledging challenges within the Anglican Church and the broader community. Honest conversations about systemic issues were met with a collective commitment to fostering positive change. The gathering was not just a celebration but a call to action, a pledge to address disparities, and a commitment to creating a more inclusive environment for al

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