In late 2017, after major hurricanes devastated the Eastern Caribbean, a group of Black laity, Black clergy and allies within the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, organized a service of solidarity to support the peoples of the Caribbean. The Service was held on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017 and successfully raised funds for the relief efforts underway in the Caribbean. This was done in partnership with the Primate World Relief and Development Fund.

After the service, Black laity and clergy continued to meet to discuss how they might continue to make a difference in the life of the Church. On May 3, 2018, Noelle Richardson Consulting was contracted, with funding from the Archbishop’s Office, to facilitate a discussion on the current and future direction of Black Anglicans within the Diocese

The purpose of the meeting was to assess Black perception of the level of inclusion of blacks within the Diocese; including levels of involvement, representation in leadership, cultural relevance and whether there was an appetite for building on past initiatives to create a strong Black voice within the Anglican Church. Thirty-two Black laity and clergy participated in the discussion and a recommendation to form an organization, similar to the Union of Black Episcopalians, was endorsed by the majority of those present.

In July 2018, Black Anglicans of Canada was formed and a leadership team was given a mandate to draft its vision, mission and goals with input from a wider advisory body. The vision, mission and goals were approved in September 2018. The vision is for this group to start in Toronto, but expand across Canada into a national body aimed at increasing the participation, representation, belongingness and empowerment of Blacks in the mission of Jesus Christ and in the full life of the Anglican Church.